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The Great Gatsby- Jazz Age

Theme Keyword(s):JAZZ AGE SUMMARY: The Roaring mid-twenties was a time of opulent lifestyles following the return of soldiers from gentleman being War One. A time when the younger multiplication spurned the set of the previous(a) generation. The lifestyle of the East particularly unseas wholenessd York City, a place of wealth, was alluring and often, wild and debaucherous (im chasteity). People with wealthy heritold progresss (Old silver = East Egg) began to resent those with recently acquired wealth (New Money= western Egg), especially if that money was made in tentative ways. The acknowledge Age bought with it an economic boom which saw the alliance of philistinism and consumerism. This was largely due to the introduction of new industries, one of which was advertising. This created a hedonistic (pleasure seeking) society. Metaphorically this is represented by Fitzgerald as the vale of Ashes, a barren wasteland, symbolically portraying the solving of a s ociety which is devoid of all spiritual and moral fiber. meaning(a) Settings: East (also Buchanans house) and West Egg (Gatsbys house); NYC (City and Apartment); valley of Ashes. Example: Quote or Reference Effect: (how does this class link to the theme?) Alcohol motif. i.
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e: Highballs, Whiskey, Gin Ricky Shows the hedonism of the hump age pursuit of self-pleasure and also shows detachment from reality. Jazz age generation break prohibition laws. They are cynical towards values of older generations. I hate careless people foliate 47 A comment mentioned by Jordan, but this is ironic, as she is a careless driver, this is shown through Nick observing Jordan copp! ice a pedestrian. She is assuming people with be less carless than her on the road. This shows need of self-responsibility and also sense of invincibility. This is unreliable and will gist in an accident eventually. Corresponds to the inevitable end of the Jazz Age. Fitzgerald foreshadows this, and is distinct in the 1929 Wall Street crash. Toms favourable position towards overturn class....If you want to get a full essay, fix it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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