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Role Identification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Role Identification - Essay ExampleIts the duty of research assistant to bear his/her help to the professionals to obtain maximum knowledge, organize, collect, compile and analyze data. They coordinate the trials and also make sure that all the procedures are followed properly. Research assistant also serves as coordinators, researchers, investigators, administrators, consultants or educators. It is also the reasonability of a research assistant to maintain discipline in following the rules and regulations in the industry and to maintain the safety and confidentiality in semblance to the information. In a nutshell, we can say that the research assistant should be someone able enough to know how to improve the designs of new experiments he should be able to keep all the records accurately and safely and present them when necessary. Also, supervision of the undergoing experiments and keeping the technicians busy with their work is the most important task required of him (Education Po rtal,

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The Crisis Of Fordism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The Crisis Of Fordism - Essay ExampleThe above mentioned process results to a phenomenon of mass worker, controlled in bureaucratic trade unions, which negotiate common wages that increase in relation to the production levels. The common consumption patterns indicate the homogenization of the working class and this leads to a market with homogeneous commodities and a match between collect and supply (Lipietz, 1984, p. 20). Notably, the balance between the supply and demand is achieved through the Keynesian macroeconomic policies, while the balance between wages and profits is obtained through incorporated bargaining power. The challenges of Fordism atomic number 18 economic, technical and social. To begin with, the technical challenges are characterized by the exhaustion of the increasing productivity by gaining economies of scale, intensifying labor and de-skilling of the workers. Secondly, the economic limits are characterized by declining rate of profits, which is as a result of falling productivity growth or limited market for the homogeneous consumer goods while the income rises. Finally, the social limits are characterized by the rapid growing pressure on managerial prerogative, profitability and on the public financed enhanced by the rising demands of the mass workers (Lipietz, 1984, p.30).From the year 1940 to most 1965, most of the industrialised countries took the advantage of the continuous growth and rapidly increasing rates of wages and profits in a parallel mode.... However, unlike in the earlier economic recessions, the above mentioned Fordist strategy did not help. Rather, the industrialized countries encountered a period of currency instability, continuous inflation and rapid growing rate of unemployment. Notably, the misadventure in the economic policy in the industrialized nations was caused by the globalization of production. For instance, the European, Japanese and American countries had been for a period of over thirty years expandi ng in order to gain economies of scale on a global level. In absence of any control by national governments, the international trading system of rules practiced by the multinationals was coordinated by the global financial markets. As a result of the decline of the fixed exchange rates, the global competition among heterogeneous currencies determined the internal economic principles of the international industrialized nations. For instance, reflation in one country was controlled by balance of payment crises, which in turn forced a rapid return to the deflationary policies (Frieden, 2007, p.120). After the governments of the industrialized nations lost control over their economies, the complete circle of increasing consumption and production was discontinued. Rather, the workers in the industrialized nations began to incur cuts in social benefits, mass rate of unemployment and stagnant money wages. As a result of the recurrence of the social difficulties of the past, new ways had to be implemented in order to solve the deepening crisis of Fordism. The Fordist crisis was an over accumulation crisis caused by the rapid spread of the various Fordist productions methods to the Japan and Western Europe, leading to a decline of profit rate and saturation of the global markets in the

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What Does the Term Postmodernism Mean Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What Does the Term Postmodernism Mean - Essay ExampleThe essay What Does the Term Postmodernism Mean states the term of postmodernism. The type of art in the postmodernism earned run average is marked by a general lack of trust for ideologies therefore the reason why it deals with combination of ideas. The shift from modernism to postmodernism (which was basically movement from steamy expression which is what modernism art was based on to a combination of several ideologies) was necessitated by the fact that critics started evaluating the artists on the intrinsic value of their work which meant that in that location was to be an elimination of emotions from the canvas and an increase in self-awareness. Postmodernism is characterized by several factors which also explain the shift from modernism. One of these factors is the fact that education priorities shifted from the previous out of bounds of knowledge to skills. This made art students lose interest in learning and bear more on mastering the skills of art rather than learning most its history and a lot of seemingly irrelevant information. The change created more room for creativity now that students had a lot of time to really concentrate on their skills. Creative art therefore became more important in this movement than it was previously. In the wake of 1970s and 1980s, technology had started evolving widely and faster hence forcing the artists to do away with draughtsmanship and embracing the technology to create new forms of art. This embrace of new technology to create art contributed to a change in era.

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Assignment Description Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Assignment Description - Research Paper ExampleIn brief, this sustain is of very much help for both HR executives and students alike. 2. Joshi, G. Employee counseling-are we mend for it? Retrieved 20 April 2011 from http//www.123oye.com/job-articles/hr/employee-counselling-hr.htm This article draws attention to counseling as a trend that has immense impact on employees of an organization. The author compares counseling to a dick that helps to achieve organisational goals. The importance of employee counseling is briefly discussed here in it. It also tries to mention the basic qualities of a counselor and how his advice should be. This work has simplified the knotty and vague concept of counseling in to an interesting piece of writing which is easily understandable by all from various walks. 3. Yadav, L. B. (Ed.). (2000). Readings in Social and craunch Welfare. New Delhi Anmol Publications PVT LTD. This give-and-take brings together rich information on all vital matters of labor as well as social welfare. This highlights the importance of well-favoured employee welfare the prime consideration. The historical development of the policy of labor welfare is elaborately discussed in this that it provides the reader with a clear cut idea roughly how it became as we see today. The structural frame work of employee welfare is well established so as to help an organization to develop a good atmosphere from existing working condition. 4. Roberts, G. (1997). Recruitment and Selection A company Approach. UK CIPD Publishing. This book serves as a helping material to the process of recruitment and selection. The writer has endeavored to bring in an analysis of all the fundamental aspects of recruitment and selection processes which will be of great interest and help for the students concerned. Still, the main aim of this book is to assist those people who are very much involved in the recruitment and selection trials of individuals at whatever levels for, it provides practical guidance with sufficient reportage of issues. 5. Amstrong, M. (2000). Strategic humans resource commission A guide to action. US Kogan Page Publishers. This book is a broad compendium of human resource management definitions and explanations about aligning of strategies with organizational goals. Its main aim is to bring down the gap between decisions and actions by citing formulation of human resource strategies and ways of implementing them. This book is divided into four segments which represent the human resource management, the practicalities of implementing strategic human resource management strategies and organizational and functional strategies from practical point of view. 6. Callaway, P. L. (2007). The Relationship of organizational trust and satisfaction An analysis in the US federal work force. Florida Universal Publishers. This book is meant for professionals and students who are in the field of business management, organizational studies and human resourc e management. This provides an over view about what job satisfaction actually is. It cites trust and job satisfaction as of strategic importance. In the study conducted in seven selected US federal agencies, it indicates that if effective communication is done at proper times the top managements truly give their ears to the employees concerns and make no remnant between males and females. 7. Hamlin, D. (August 8, 2009). Why the importance of HR manager should not be under estimated? Helium Human Resources. Retrieved 20 April 2011 from

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W6D Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

W6D Teams - Essay Exampleganizations have preferred this kind of squad app argonntly because of its make up effectiveness in terms of reduced cost of technology, greater use of outsourced and temporary workers, shift towards globalization and many others.Moreover, functional teams are compost of individuals from various departments but with the same task to perform. For example, an individual playacting an accounting task in one department team up with another individual performing accounting task in another department. In functional team, the team members try to specialize in their roles as they try to stick to their roles (Jurgen A. (2011).Finally, self-managing teams are teams that are accountable for all the tasks they perform (Manz & Sims 1993). The team members share the work force and the supportive tasks. It is a group that is composed of individuals with a common purpose and the tasks are defined by the members (Stewart & Manz 1995).Team processes are those step-by-step actions that are taken or perform in order to produce a favorite outcome. These team processes sometimes have positive influence or negative influence on the team performance. They include transition, action and interpersonal processes (Garvin2009). All these process bunghole have positive influence on performance. For example, a transition process like creating an action plan can help in prior consummation and organizing for future wants. Action process like assisting other team members performs their task can help promote positive cohesion and timely goal achievement. besides interpersonal process like conflict management can also help in developing some rules that can finally encourage cooperation. On the other hand, an interpersonal process like storming can have negative influence on performance. The questioning of the teams ability to perform a given task can lead to discouragement of the team members hence not giving their best (Garvin2009).In conclusion, teams are importa nt to an organization as they help in

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Change Management term paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Change Management - Term Paper ExampleThe Aster theme provides homes and housing related services in England. For excellent leadership and performance, it secured the Beacon Company award in 2006. In fact, the company was forced to change and widen due to a number of factors. First of all, as Green (2007) notes, the company wanted to shift from a local liberty culture to an self-reliant not-for-profit nature. Also, the house Corporation decided to reduce the number of approved organizations from 350 to 70. So, to retain business, the company had to go a long way from its 110th position. The way to achieve the same for Aster was to merge and seek new alliances. Starting at the Top However, one can observe slight differences in the way both of the companies introduced change. In the mooring of Biogen Idec, the company set up a stand team, which looked into the various factors associated with the change. Various heads including international business, commercial operations, huma n resources, and international legal affairs were part of the project team, and every aspect of the change was identified and analyzed (Green, 2007, p.90). Admittedly, the company was performing well in accordance with the Change Management guideline which indicates that it is necessary to visit the need for change through Diagnosing Change (Change Management, n. d.). On the other hand, in Aster, the change started from the new chief executive of the company, who tried to introduce a culture that just keeps moving all the time. In other words, observing the challenges ahead, the chief executive decided to move away from its local authority structure and develop a group structure. Thus, the company worked with Testway and both chief executives considered open discussion as an important factor to ensure proper collaboration. As acquisition and merger were a part of the change strategy, a board was developed, which included important leaders of both the firms. And as there were more (prenominal) mergers and acquisitions, more and more personnel were included in the board according to requirements. Anyway, as Gossas commented, the leadership led the change in both of the cases (Ahiberg & Naucler, 2007). Involving all the Layers In Aster Group, counterbalance of all, replacing the previous autocratic management style, the new chief executive introduced the culture of open communication and feedback. This resulted in better cooperation from the part of managers and other staff. Thus, at first, he managed to secure the belief and support of the managers and staff. Then, he encouraged the people to contribute their own opinions and suggestions for the future course of action. Here, as Jones, Aguirre, and Calderone (2004) point out, the leadership was bounteous adequate attention to the human factor, because, for making all the employees committed to the vision of change, the leadership role was effectively handed over to the managers. According to the writers, aft er allowing autonomy in day to day operations, the board focused on long term strategic issues and anyway, both the companies followed the golden rule that change should start at the top. Also, by enlightening and enabling all the layers, the leadership ensured the involvement of every layer. Increased Autonomy to Units and Affiliates In fact, both the companies changed their management styles to introduce various autonomous or semi-autonomous units. To illustrate, the board of Aster Group decided to hand over

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A Worn Path Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Worn Path - Essay ExampleThe wrinkles on the verbalism atomic number 18 compared to the ramose limbs of the tree.Deductive argument- This argument form are truth preserving arguments. The racism explained by the author in the tosh is that of truth. In American society, the black people are oppressed and suppressed by white men. The character phoenix in the story is threatened by white men. From the story, one can get the strong picture of American society. Racism is the bitter reality of American culture. Another argument which can be raised for analysis is that the story reflects the obstacles people face in life. Especially it is the story of a woman who is strong willed. The message in the story is strong and socially informative. The story also is a materialisation of the life of an old black woman who can face life with courage and determination.Inductive argument This argument is one which generalization happens and conclusion is given the story reveals that Phoenix b eing an African American faced many obstacles in her life. This was mainly due to the oppression the community shows upon black people so we can assume that all black women face difficulties like Phoenix.Defensible argument- It is an argument based on ethics and moral philosophy. In the story, the perseverance and capitulate of Phoenix shows the responsibility and affection of a grandmother towards her grandson. This shows that she is an honest and true woman with lovable character. The stand of white men portrayed in the story shows that ethical and moral responsibility of American people is not