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The Last Frontier Essays - Deer, Apex Predators, Bears,

The Last Frontier The movie The Red Balloon showed how society can be very hard. In nature, living is much simpler than in the city but yet it still has it's difficulties. Alaska is a good example of somewhere. Your mind doesn't have to worry about the troubles of taking care of the balloon. When jealousy attacks like dogs fighting over a bone you need to escape to a retreat to let it all go. Alaska is one of the beautiful places in the world. There are mountain sheep on the side of the road jumping rocks. The Mountain sheep have troubles of their own they have to watch every move they make for there lives. It makes you feel good that you are that close to nature's greatest accomplishments. The kid in the movie had to deal with the struggles of society, when his friend, the balloon, died he felt horrible so all the other balloons came to help him. In nature when a animal dies the others come to cover up the sadness. The movie pointed out life in a different perspective. The children showed how life ca n be real tough and you need to overcome them. In the wilderness there is always a problem with many things. The Grizzly bears in Alaska hunt moose so that is a battle in nature. The moose have to always watch there presence to stay clear of the bears. The little boy had to always watch around him to make sure know one was going to take the balloon away. The glaciers are so nice to watch in Alaska it makes you neglect those issues. All around, the trouble of society is very similar to the ones of nature. Society can be very cruel and harsh to you the trick is to over come it. Nature has many struggles in itself but the animals natural instincts help deal with them. As a child the struggles to reach and not being able to get it are all way's that we are helped to prepare us for adulthood.